Peer Support / Recreational Activities

Wooglemai EEC offers a range of recreational activities that can be incorporated into a camp or single day visit. Whilst they offer great opportunity for student development, it is important that all conditions stated below are adhered to.

Schools wishing to involve students in these activities should be mindful of the need to ensure the safety of all participants. Wooglemai EEC adheres to the NSW DET document “Guidelines for the safe conduct of sport and physical activity in schools. NSW DET 1999” (this document is available in all schools). As a result student numbers, activity times and the age of students must be considered.

All relevant permission notes must be signed by parents – see downloads section on the homepage.
Age appropriateness

We will only accept students from Stage 2 and above to participate in these activities. This age has been determined by Wooglemai staff based on the physical demands (strength, endurance, etc.) placed on participants during the course of the above activities. Kayaking is negotiated with Wooglemai staff on a case by case basis and is currently offered to students in Year 5 and above.

Initiative games for Peer Support

Wooglemai EEC provides an excellent learning environment for leadership and peer support training days. Students participate in a series of initiative games. Initiative games are short, exciting, structured games including activities like the giant ball toss, plank steppers, spiders web, crate stack and Proutty's landing. Students are given a short challenge briefing and are then required to work actively as a team to solve the challenge. Participation in these games help students to develop valuable life skills. Students will:

  • Learn cooperatively
  • Problem solve
  • Think creatively
  • Persevere
  • See mistakes as opportunities for learning
  • Act as team players
The initiative games are linked to the quality teaching framework through the inclusion of high expectations, social support, engagement, student direction, self regulation and the use of explicit quality criteria. A debrief and reflection on leadership/ teamwork skills follows the activities. Any mistakes are promoted as opportunities for learning and future success.

Duration – one and a half hours (approximately)

We also have orienteering exercises (some based on QR codes and iPads) that facilitate problem solving and teamwork skills. You might also like to incorporate some of our recreational activities into your program.

Create a quality learning experience at Wooglemai by blending your own teaching/leadership activities with our specialised activities to create a productive day outside of the classroom.

Ropes Course

  • Maximum of 30 participants per group. N.B. 30 sets of equipment available
  • Instructor to student ratio is 1:8
  • 30 minutes instruction and demonstration / 30 minutes travel time and 2 hours 30 minutes activity
  • Allow minimum of three hours 30 minutes approximately

  • Maximum of 25 participants per group
  • Instructor to student ratio is 1:20 with a max of ten archers at once
  • 30 minutes instruction and demonstration / 1 hour 30 minutes activity
  • Allow minimum of two hours approximately

  • Maximum of 24 participants per group
  • Instructor to student ratio is 1:8
  • 30 minutes instruction and demonstration / 30 minutes loading / 30 minute travel to venue and return (1 hour) 1 hours activity
  • Allow a minimum of 4 hours approximately

When booking please bear in mind the arrival and departure times of your group as well as allowing time for both students and teachers (including Wooglemai staff) to eat and use toilet facilities. Combining activities involves some extra transition times in moving to and setting up new activities.